About Us

CHAMA AMARELA was established in 2006 and since the beginning of its activity that sees itself as a dynamic and flexible company, seeking to satisfy the needs, expectations and requirements of customers through its professionalism, in order to stimulate partnership relations in achieving the goals. Currently have the collaboration of about 280 workers, which enables us to live up to run the various installation projects and refractory maintenance in various industries, either nationally and internationally.

CHAMA AMARELA always tries to meet the goals of our customers, anticipating and satisfying their needs. We always keep the same level of high requirement with respect safety and quality, without neglecting productivity. As such, we believe and are committed to develop lasting partnerships with our customers. We seek to instill confidence in our customers, through our constant commitment and motivation. Our knowledge, our experience and access to experienced resources allow us to live up to run the various installation projects and refractory maintenance.




Chama Amarela provides services of construction and repairs on petrochemical facilities.


Chama Amarela provides construction and repair of infrastructures for the metallurgical industry.


Chama Amarela provides construction and repair of infrastructure for the glass industry.


Chama Amarela is always looking for the best solutions for your business. Our employees respond effectively to the problems of our customers.

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A certified company is meant for quality and safety in your investment. The YELLOW FLAME has all the essential business and professional certification to your activity ensuring the competence of its human resources and the Organization, essential to the coordination of its activities.

Chama Amarela is located at Zona Industrial da Tocha, Portugal. You can contact us every working day from 08:30 to 18:00. Address Zona Industrial da Tocha Lot 9, 3060-720 Tocha Portugal GPS Coordinates 40.218827 N -8.791702 W Contacts t +351231091100 f +351231447347 info@chamaamarela.com

Eager to know us? Check out our institutional presentations available on Portuguese, english and french. Désireux de nous connaître? Découvrez présentations institutionnelles available us sur portugais, anglais et français.